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Jane and David looked shyly at each other as they walked up the steps to the house.

When I was a kid we often had our temperature taken rectally so sometimes during play we would play doctors and nurses and take each others temperatures as well as do general examinations but as we got a bit older the boys and girls seperated and boys would examine boys and girls...He was 13 and I was very happy he liked to play with me, cause he was so much older than me. He made me undress me to examine my *****, which felt really funny and a bit weird...For as long as I can remember I have found the idea of taking a girls rectal temperature to be very erotic.Im sure she doesn't bite, and she does this all the time, its her job" "Well ok then... My best friend at the time was a girl that was in my class at school.Her name was Anne, and she lived only three doors away from me.

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