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She often said how much the two of us resembled each other, but I never saw it.We did have the same nose and hair, but that hardly made us twins.Despite the internship having a reputation of being high stress, which turned out to be the opposite, it was a highly sought position and I had felt fortunate to have made it.My mentor was one of the old time bosses who didn’t revel in the chance to abuse the interns.My first encounter with her was a severe tongue lashing about proper procedure in her office. While I was attracted to her assertiveness and beauty, I never thought of pursuing a relationship.This didn’t stop me from fantasizing about Kalinda and masturbating to images of us having sex. It all changed one day when she called me into her office the last day I was to return to my mentor to move a box to another office.

Kalinda wasn’t the boss in the department, but she was an ambitious up and comer.It wasn’t uncommon to see another intern in tears or cursing the existence of their bosses while performing a menial task.My mentor was taking a two-week vacation and I was sent to work in promotions until he got back.To say I was surprised to see her again would be an understatement.It was out and out shock to see the first woman who introduced me to the dark world of submission.

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